Octagon Smart City is a Registered Trademark of Smart Homes Projects And Investments Real Estate Project. We Are Set To Execute  Over 1,000+ Mass Housing Project in Just 15 Months+ by developing housing units on a Revolutionary and fastest building method available in Nigeria today, Steel structural and Portatecture Development, While likewise making those Apartment and Livable quarters available to Nigerians and Africans of all Living class with wonderful price offers.

With Amazingly Fast Delivery And Achievement Of Flood Resistant And Earthquake Proof Structures, We are Making It Possible For People To Own Amazing Homes At Amazing Prices With Ease

With Pricing Starting From $2750/N980,000 depending on unit type and location, now you have no excuse for Struggling With House Ownership For Many Years, You Have Everything Made easy For You Today With Our Smart Housing Scheme Initiative

Let’s make History Together, We Are Building West-Arica’s First Steel Developed Estate, A Proudly Nigerian And African Initiative Meant To Revolutionize Buildings & Estate Development In Nigeria and Africa As A Whole

We’re Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry.