Smart 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached Maisonette With Exclusive Finishing


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ONGOING HOUSING SCHEME PROMO: Located at Wawa/Arepo, Get your Smart Bulletproof & Classicly built 3 bedroom Semi-Duplex Just 15-20mins Drive From Alausa Ikeja at an exclusive location with magnificent Property Investment ROI, book your unit with Downpayment of just 12.5% downpayment.

Own your own classic property in an area of luxury at most affordable price in the industry market today, enjoy a massive discount as you buy into our Housing Scheme and get your unit fully delivered to you in 6-8weeks at 80% Downpayment based on classic PORTATECTURE building development.

This Project is developed and marketed by Smart Home Projects And Investments Limited and located just 10mins drive after Berger, and shares Proximity with CitiView Estate, Warewa, just before Arepo..a calm and exclusive location..

*2 Sitting Rooms(I downstairs, 1 upstairs)
*3 Bedroom Ensuite
*1 laundry room
*1 Visitors toilet
*Well Furnished Kitchen
*Automated Switch and lighting system
*Beautiful External aquarium Feature
*Pop for all interiors
+ full house finishing inclusive

Luscious Parking Lot.
Carport For Parked Cars.
Captivating Exterior Façade Design.
Pent Floor Sit Out Which Serves As A Relaxation Area/External Lounge.
Fiber Glass Pent House Roof Covering Which Creates An Alluring Blue Ambience.
Large Windows For Ample Light And Ventilation.
Vegetation And Light Greenery, Reducing The Heat Gains On The Property

Entrance Porch: 50mm Aluminum Railings.
All Rooms And Living Spaces: 600 X 600mm Vitrified Ceramic Tiles, Slip And Non Slip.
Kitchen Cabinets: To Be Fabricated With Wenge Coloured HDF Boards or Other Choice Option.
Bedroom Wardrobes: To Be Fabricated With Wenge Coloured HDF Boards Or Other Choice Option.
Penthouse Flooring: 600 X 600mm Non Slip Ceramic Tiles, Dark Coloured.
Painting of Spaces: Emulsion, Double Coat.

2bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex:
CO-OPERATIVE PAYMENT PLAN: N3.285m Pack & Move in(Balance N7,665,000 in 18-24months or Enjoy a 7 years Payment Spread With Our Mortgage Plans)

INSTALMENT PAYMENT: 1-4Years Payment Plan
Minimal Downpayment: N1.95m
12 Month Plan: Pay N11.05m total in 1 year spread
1. Pay 2.36m x 3 (every 4 months)
2.Pay 1.76m x 4 (every 3 months)
3.Pay 1.18m x 6 (every 2 months)
24 Month Plan: Pay N11.25m total in 2 years spread
First Downpayment: N1.95m
1. Pay 1.58m x 6 (every 4 months)
2. Pay 1.18m x 8 (every 3 months)
3. Pay 790k x 12 (every 2 months)
36 Month Plan: Pay N11.55m total in 3 years spread
First Downpayment: N1.95m
1. Pay 1.07m x 9 (every 4 months)
2. Pay 809k x 12 (every 3 months)
3. Pay 607k x 16 (every 6 months)
48 Month Plan: Pay N11.85m total in 4 years spread
First Downpayment: N1.95m
1. Pay 828k x 12 (every 4 months)
2. Pay 621k x 16 (every 3 months)
3. Pay 1.24m x 8 (every 6 months)

Title: Deed Of Assignment

Documentation: Inclusive of Property Price
Lifetime Estate Development Levy: 350k (towards power connection, borehole, drainage and road pavement)

Download Our Smart Housing Club Form, Register And Begin Your Journey To Being A Landlord With As Low AS 420K Downpayment Starting From Our Smallest Housing Units.

 As a Member of our Smart Homes Housing Club, you get this 4 Unique benefits on all our properties
*1 YEAR PROMO PRICE RESERVATION: You can always pay for any of our properties at current promo price regardless of price changes/appreciation in the next 1 year
*30% TO OWN AND MOVE IN: @30%Own and move into any of our Co-operative Unit at just 30% downpayment(on first come first serve basis)
*SAVE TO OWN: Enjoy our Save To Own Plan, that is if you don’t have 25/30% Downpayment for any unit yet you can be able to save the initial 25/30% downpayment over a 6month period with an initial Payment Not Less than 7.5% of Interested Unit price and a Membership Unit Code will be reserved for you accordingly.
*MY UNIT TO INVESTMENT: Real Estate And Property Ownership is all about Investment, eithr short term or long term, You Can Later Make Investment With Your Unit Payment Plan, if after 6months you decide to not take up the Unit delivered for you, you can enjoy our ‘Unit to Investment’ Arrangement and get 20% ROI with your funds back.



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